The Bluethings Biography


The Blueboys

1. Punkiní Doodle (previously unreleased)

2 Ainít That Loviní You Baby (previously unreleased)

3. Pís and Qís

4. Loveís Made A Fool Of You

5. Silver and Gold

6. La Do Da Da

7. Just Two Days Ago

The Bluethings

8. Mary Lou

9. Your Turn To Cry

10. Pretty Things -Oh

11. Just Two Days Ago

12. Baby, My Heart

13. Ainít That Loviní You Baby

14. Pennies

15. Since You Broke My Heart

16. So You Say

17. Silver and Gold

18. It Ainít No Big Thing Baby

19.You Canít Say We Never Tried

20. High Life

21. Nowís The Time

22. Desert Wind (previously unreleased)

23. Weep No More My Lady(previously unreleased)

24. I Must Be Doing Something Wrong

25. Look Homeward Angel

26. Pennies (previously unreleased)

27. Silver and Gold (previously unreleased)

28. Since You Broke My Heart (previously unreleased)

29.  La Do Da Da

30. Alright! (previously unreleased)

Cd Bonus Tracks

The Hi-Plains Singers(w/Val Stecklein)

31. Nancy Whiskey

32. Desert Wind

The Bluethings

33.You Can't Say We Never Tried(Take Seven)

34. 1965 Concert Radio Ad #1(previously unreleased)

Cd 2

1. High Life

2.Girl From The North Country

3..Doll House

4. It Ainít No Big Thing , Baby

5. Ain't That Lovin' You Baby

6.  I Canít Have Yesterday

7.  Nowís The Time

8. The Man On The Street

9. Honor The Hearse

10. Waiting For Changes (unreleased version)

11. Iíll Make It Up To You (previously unreleased)

12. Sounds Of Yesterday

13. Hollow

14.The Coney Island Of Your Mind

15. The Orange Rooftop Of Your Mind

16. One Hour Cleaners

17. You Can Live In Our Tree

18. Twist and Shout

19.You Took The Fight

20. Caroline

21. Hey Joe (previously unreleased)

22. Talk Talk

23. Iím A Man (previously unreleased)

24.My Generation (previously unreleased)

25. Somebody Help Me

26. Yes My Friend

27.  Canít Explain (previously unreleased)

Cd Bonus Tracks:

28. Doll House(unreleased alternate version)

29. I Can't Have Yesterday(unreleased alternate version)

30. 1966 Concert Radio Ad #2(previously unreleased)

31. Mid-Continent Productions Radio Ad,1966(previously unreleased)

Cd 1-   Damon Studios, Kansas City-September, 1964 (1-2, 5) , July 7, 1964(3-4,6-7) , First Single, Dec.,1964(8-9) Second Single, May,1965(9-10) Sullivan Studios-Oklahoma City-May,1965(12-17),September, 1965(30), November, 1965(18-21,33), Studio B-Nashville, August, 1965(23-29).  Audio House ,Lawrence,Kansas-1963(31-32),

Cd 2- Studio B-Nashville, November, 1965(1-2,4-7,28) February, 1966(3,8-9),September,1966(15-17),March, 1967(18-20,25-27)Audio House-Lawrence- January 6, 1966(29)April 3, 1966(10-13)August,1966(14),December,1966(21-24)








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