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IIn the 60’s, Abilene, Texas had a thriving music scene. Bands enamored with the British Invasion sound of The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, and The Beatles formed in droves.  The top band in Abilene was The Chevelle V, whose best known track, “Come Back Bird” employed the British slang for “girl” and the beat of The Yardbirds’ “I’m A Man.” The other popular Abilene bands, such as The Livin’ End, The Continentals and The Coachmen, comprise the other recordings on this album, making this the most complete trip yet to Abilene in the 60’s.  Only seven of the recordings were ever released during the 60’s, which reflects the rarity of the recordings included on this collection.  Pictured on the front cover are The Chevelle V (l to r) Jimmy Bearden, Bobby Vannoy, Charlie Taylor, Joe Baccus, and Jack Chisholm.

Track Listings:
                                                                                            The Chevelle V

                                                                                  1.      Come Back Bird (take 2) Unreleased version

                                                                                  2.      I’m Sorry Girl (take 2) Unreleased Version

                                                                                  3.      Not This Time

4.      If You Knew Me  5. Bound To Happen     6.      Speak To Me     7.      Koko Joe (Askel 45-7-b)
The Livin End
8.      Roadrunner
9.      Friends
10.  All Alone
11.  My Destination
12.  Empty Heart
13.  Makin’ Time
14.  Captain’s Soul
15.  Pine St. Boys
The Continentals
16.  I’m Gone (Gaylo 124-a)
17.  Take Me  (A-Ok 1025-a)
18.  She’s Wants You (A-Ok 1025-b)
The Chevelle V
19.  I’m Sorry Girl (UMI 100-a)
20.  Come Back Bird (UMI 100-b)
21.  Come Back Bird (Askel 45-7-a) Alternate version
22.  Eenie Meanie Minie Moe
The Coachmen
23.  Say You Love Me (Gaylo 104-a)
24.   Hush Broken Heart (Gaylo 104-b)
All tracks from the original master tapes except track 16,23-4 (vinyl source).





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