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 The best know girl group in Texas during the late 60’s was The Heart Beats of Lubbock. They made it to Hollywood for a Battle Of The Bands contest on the Paul Revere and Mark Lindsay hosted TV show, “Happening ’68”. The Hear Beats shut down all the other male groups and won the Battle Of The Bands on nation-wide TV. Considering that no one in the band was older than 17, this was quite an accomplishment.  All seven recordings by The Heart Beats are included on this album, plus lots of great unreleased photos, and a very cool CD disc. Also included are other great female led bands from 1966, such as The WordD from Dallas and The Bombshells of Houston.  An added bonus is folk singer, Linda Pierre King from Houston, whose self-penned originals from 1966 foreshadowed subsequent folk singers such as Janis Ian and Melanie.  The fact that only five of the twenty-five songs on this album were ever released during the 60’s, testifies to the enduring fascination with unearthing undiscovered gems by the girls of Texas.                     


The WordD (1966)

1.       Today Is Just Tomorrow’s Yesterday (G.Geer)

2.       You’re Always Around (J.Williams)

Friday And The Girls (1966)

3.       An Older Boy (J.Sebastain)

The Heart Beats

4.       Poor Side Of Town (J.Rivers/L.Adler)

5.       Choo Choo Train (E.Hinton/D.Fritts)

6.       Crying Inside (R.Weiss)

Above songs-1968

7.       Satisfied (The Heart Beats)

8.       Everywhere (The Heart Beats)

Above songs-1969

9.       Little Latin Lupe Lu (B.Medley)-1968

The Bombshells (1966)

10.   Treat Him Right (R.Head/G.Kurtz)

Linda Pierre King (1966)

11.   Hard Lovin’ Babe (L.P.King)

12.   Who Cares? (L.P.King)

13.   Blackness (L.P.King)

14.   Where Are We Going? (L.P.King)


16.   Tiny Sparrow (L.P.King)

17.   Jack-A-Roe (Traditional)

18.   The Train (Traditional)

19.   Scotch And Soda (D.Guard)

20.   Don’t Think Twice (It’s Alright ) (B.Dylan)

21.   Blowin’ In The Wind (B.Dylan)

22.   My Boot Heels Are Travelin’ (L.P.King)

The WordD (1967)

23.   Today Is Just Tomorrow’s Yesterday (alternate version) (G.Geer)

The Penthouse (1967)

24.   You’re Always Around (alternate version) (J.Williams)

     The Heart Beats (1968)

     25. Time Won’t Let Me  (C.Kelly/T.King)





















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