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Although Piano Slim played with legendary musicians such as T-Bone Walker, Johnny Winter, Johnny Copeland, and Bobby “Blue” Bland, he is often confused with another Piano Slim, Robert T. Smith. The Piano Slim on “Look At Grandma Watusi!” is none other than Willard Burton of Houston, Texas. While Burtons’ recording career lasted nearly thirty years, this compilation concentrates on his solo outings from 1959 to 1962, including his first two singles, plus a bonanza of previously unreleased masters.  These songs range from the Sam Cooke influenced ballad of “Raise Your Head” to the Little Richard and Fats Domino inspired rocker, “Lotta Shakin’, Lotta of Jivin, to instrumental ravers such as “Key Jammer”, “Do It Now”, “Aw Get It”, and “Pat Your Rock”, to dance-craze themed songs such as, “Look At Grandma Watusi!”, “Mister Twister”, “Spinning Top”, and “Ennis Lee”.  So take a journey back in time with Piano Slim as your guide, it’s a trip from which you may never want to return.

Recording Dates: February 27, 1959-Lot Of Shakin’ Lot Of Jivin’, Key Jammer. July 8, 1959-Ennis Lee, Lazy Dazy, My Darling, My Darling, Pat Your Rock. August 3, 1961-Aw Get It, Look At Grandma Watusi, Do It Now, Raise Your Head, The Things You Do, Please Forgive Me. March 16, 1962-Spinning Top-Parts 1 & 2, Sadie Hawkins Day, 1962-Mister Twister 

  Look At Grandma Watusi!

  1. Lot Of Shakin’, Lot Of Jivin’

  2. Key Jammer

  3. Lazy Dazy

  4. Pat Your Rock

  5. Ennis Lee

  6. Mister Twister

  7. Spinning Top Parts 1 and 2

  8. Sadie Hawkins Day

  9. Do It Now

  10. The Things You Do

  11. Raise Your Head

  12. Aw Get It (take 1)

  13. Aw Get It (take 2)

  14. Aw Get It (take 3 false start>take 4)

  15. Aw Get It (take 5)

  16. Aw Get It (take 6)

  17. My Darling My Darling

  18. Please Forgive Me

  19. Raise Your Head (take 1)